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Now that you’ve seen some of my work and learned a little bit about me and why photography means so much to me, you may still have some questions. I’ve done my best to answer some of the most common questions here.

Of course, I am always happy to answer any additional questions you may have!


how do i book a session?

If you are ready to book your session you can simply click here, email me at contactjjoy@gmail.com, or follow the links to find me on social media and contact me there!

what will my session look like?

Because I am focused primarily on your connections with each other, you will find that I do more directing than posing. I may guide you and your family into position and then give further direction, ask questions, or ask you to simply interact with one another. With young children I often will set up everyone else and then let them naturally find their place on their own. Your connection with each other is more important than your connection with me so I don’t force everyone to look at the camera. It often happens naturally anyways. I am very patient and very realistic. Kids will be kids and we are going for genuine, right? Don’t worry about capturing that “perfect” shot. That’s my job. You just enjoy the time with your family and leave the rest up to me. Learn more about my style by checking out my gallery!

i’m expecting/ adopting/ on surrogacy journey. when should I book my session?

First of all, congratulations! Adding a new family member is a beautiful and exciting time, no matter how your family grows. Certainly, unique circumstances can vary but, as a general rule, I suggest that if you would like maternity (or announcement) photos those sessions should be done after 30 weeks. Newborn sessions can be done right in the hospital (when possible) or at home from 5 days old up to 2 months (8 weeks). I advise my families to notify me either when labor begins or once baby arrives to allow time to accommodate your specific needs. Of course, you can contact me with any questions!

do you offer birth photography?

While this is not something I have done yet, I am certainly open to discussing it! Please contact me if this is something you are interested in and let’s see how we can best tell your story!

do you do indoor sessions?

Absolutely!! In home sessions are some of my favorite. It’s the perfect place to capture genuine emotions and get everyone in a familiar environment. A lot of people worry about how “clean” their homes are and think their homes have to look like they came off the pages of a magazine. No way! Every family I have ever photographed actually LIVED in their homes. So I expect to see toys, laundry, dishes, and dust bunnies. While there may be times when I remove an unnecessary or distracting item, we are working to capture genuine images and tell YOUR story. Click here to learn more about in home sessions!

what should I wear?????

Probably the most frequently asked question of them all! I totally understand how stressful it may feel to have to find the perfect outfit(s) for your session. My first tip is always to pick the outfit for 1 person and then build every other outfit off of that. For example if mom is wearing a floral dress, pull colors from the dress or find colors that compliment them. Also consider the time of year, the colors in the environment around us (for example, if we’re shooting in a field full of golden grasses, find rich tones like navy, burgundy, or dark brown). Another consideration is your home decor. Choose colors that would look good if the images are going to be framed and hung. Want some inspiration? Click here to check out my board on Pinterest for color and outfit ideas!

ct family photographer
ct family photographer