My Business Philosophy | Being OK with the Road Less Traveled

ct family photographer

The other day I wrote and shared a blog post about why I structure my pricing the way that I do. At the time, I was frustrated because I had a number of people, specifically other photographers, that were telling me that I was hurting my business because I wasn’t raising my prices. They stated that there is always someone willing to pay more, even if those people AREN’T my current clients. 

Needless to say, I didn’t receive this “advise” in a positive or productive way. In fact, it made me angry. I love my clients and I have very intentionally priced and structured my business in this way because I want to maintain my CURRENT clientele. Not replace them for money. 

But, I also realized that just because I feel that charging $1,000 for family photos is unimaginable, the reality is that there are a huge population of photographers charging that (and more) and an equally large population of people who are OK with that investment. And that’s OK. But that doesn’t mean that charging $1,000 for a family session is the right thing for me or MY clients. And I won’t defend or justify that choice. 

So, with that being said, I deleted my past post because there is nothing wrong with someone charging more or less than me. And there is nothing wrong with me choosing to provide more affordable options for my clients. To each their own. 

My business is very personal to me. The work I create, the service I provide, the connections and relationships I build - they are all personal. So, for me, this is more than just “work”. This, for me, is not just about making money, it’s about people. It’s about seeing a need (more affordable family photography), and working to fill that gap. And sometimes that means I get defensive protecting that goal.

ct family photographer

In the end, my business is, and will continue to be, built on the beliefs and values that I hold and the goals that I have set.

So, to wrap up this post,  I want to share my “business philosophy”, or the beliefs and standards that I am building my business upon: 

  • Everyone deserves to have beautiful family photos and I don’t believe that they should have to take out a freaking loan for them. 

  • As they say, “There is an ass for every seat.” I will never be the ideal photographer for everyone. And I’m not trying to be. But I want to serve MY clients to the best of my ability. This means that I will always be too cheap for someone. This also means I will always be too expensive for someone. And that’s OK. That is the reality of business. No hard feelings. 

  • Everyone is welcome here. I will never discriminate for any reason (except for hate, I will TOTALLY discriminate against anyone hateful.)

  • I will build my business through integrity, honesty, transparency, and authenticity. 

  • I will not sacrifice my beliefs for money, likes, or popularity. Ever. 

  • I will remember WHY the work I do is important. 

  • I will always respect the sacrifices made to invest in our time together.

Sending you all much love today and always!