5 Reasons to Choose an In-Home Family Session

There are so many reasons that people might schedule a photo session. Engagements, weddings, newborns, milestones, holidays, etc. I have done photo sessions in the woods, in fields, in barns, and on beaches. But there is one location you might not have considered: your home. I want to share 5 reasons why a home session might be the right choice for you.

1.Weather Is Unpredictable. Unless It’s Winter….Then It’s Just Plain Cold!

Here in CT, the weather can offer all kinds of obstacles when it comes to outdoor photo sessions. Too hot. Too cold. Rain. Snow. Wind. When you choose to do in in-home session, you avoid the unknown when it comes to the ever-changing environment. Unless you fight over the thermostat……in that case, I digress :)

2. Pets Are Family Too

Sometimes our furry friends can get left out of the fun when it comes to outdoor sessions. Additionally, when also trying to manage children, adding pets to the mix of a session can feel overwhelming. There can be concerns about keeping the kiddos focused when pets are present, or keeping our pets focused and safe when there are other people and animals around. And if you have a kitty or other small pet? Well, they typically just don’t get invited. But they are family too and doing a session in your own home allows us to include them organically and comfortably.

3. Details And Routines

I want you to take a moment and think about what your life looks like. Think about all of the little routines that make up your day. All of the day to day tasks that you do as a family. Think about your child’s favorite game or activity. Their favorite story to read with you. Their ability to turn your living room into a pit of lava with only the couch cushions to save them! Think about how you all interact together naturally. Now imagine what that looks like a year from now. 5 years from now. Even 10. Think about how much will change over time. How would it feel to be able to capture this time in your home with them in this way?

4. All Of Your Favorite Things

Our homes are time capsules, full of memories and objects that are meaningful and precious. But sometimes we can’t bring those things with us for fear of losing or damaging them. Family heirlooms, photos, furniture, nurseries, toys, books, blankies. Sometimes just the home itself is the precious item! Do you have marks on your kitchen door jam from measuring your kiddo’s growth? Do they have a favorite chair to read in or an unusual item that has a special meaning to them? These details help to tell your story in a way that is unique to YOU.

5. Home Is Where the Heart Is

One of my favorite things about in-home sessions is the dynamic between a family when they are in their own element. Everyone seems more relaxed. It feels lighter. Cozy. Intimate. Plus, having instant access to pottys, snacks, drinks, and wardrobe changes for the little ones is a definite bonus!

I know that inviting a photographer into your home might feel intimidating. What about the dishes? Laundry? Family of dust bunnies under the couch? Toys everywhere? Breathe my friend - this is your HOME. I don’t expect it to look like it rolled out of a magazine, you actually LIVE in your home. And that has a beauty all its own.

The reality is that time keeps moving. Children grow and change constantly. And while it’s so fresh in your mind now, these little gestures, habits, and favorites might one day fade into yesterday. You might move into a different home. Or perhaps not. But wouldn’t it be a beautiful gift to show them their history, their life, just as it was, when they were a child? To show them their unique interaction with YOU in your home?

In-home sessions are a way to capture life, as it is, for your family. Because there is something really special about the way that families interact in their own homes. There is a beauty of capturing moments that seem mundane when surrounded by walls that tell stories. Little fingers peeking over the edge of a counter, falling just short of a treat. The family pet being loved on. Their favorite book being read to them while they are snuggled up in your lap. Toddlers pulling folded laundry out of a laundry basket faster than you could ever fill it. Blocks on the floor. Pacifiers on the night stand. A favorite stuffed animal always within arms reach.

This is where the magic is. In your home. In your routines. In your connection. In the every day moments. And I would be absolutely honored to capture that for you.

Jessica MontanezComment