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Born and raised in CT, I am mommy to my incredible, brilliant, creative, very talkative daughter whom I love, but who also drives me crazy sometimes. She also happens to have autism and has taught me so much about owning who you are and celebrating your unique gifts.

I love photography, writing, coffee, hugs, and being outdoors. I strongly believe that fall is the best of all the seasons and should last all year long.

If you ever see me wearing something that is NOT blue jeans and some sort of black shirt, I either forgot my laundry in the washing machine (again), or I have been abducted by aliens.

I believe with all of my soul that everyone deserves beautiful family photos and that they shouldn’t have to take out a loan to pay for them. 

I love all people, from all walks of life, and embrace and celebrate diversity and love of all kinds.

I am driven to create a business built on connections, love, integrity, and the celebration of life in all of it’s stages.

I would love the opportunity to tell your unique story and to create and capture memories for you and your family!

Feel free to contact me with any questions and check out my gallery to learn a little more about my style!

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