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There is magic in your connection…..

The love between two people. The excitement of new parents. The curiosity of a child exploring the world around them.

There is magic in the connections between you that inspires me and moves me. It is the very reason that J. Joy Photography even exists and it is completely unique to every family that I photograph.

So, if you are ready to put your trust in me, go on an adventure, reconnect with the ones you love, and receive authentic images that tell YOUR story, then let’s have some fun! To learn more, check out the links below!

And remember, J. Joy Photography welcomes ALL families and embraces and celebrates your uniqueness, your love, and your diversity.

“Jessica is truly the best of the best. There is no one I trust more to photograph my family’s milestones. We have hired her for maternity photos, newborn photos, birthday photos, and just about everything in between. She has this incredible way of capturing genuine moments and also capturing the depth in a relationship or gesture. On top of her unbelievable talent, she is also just and incredible human being. She is kind, courteous, flexible and authentic. If you need photos for any occasion, Jessica is the one you want!” - Brianna